Hip Replacement Surgery Video-This Egoscue Clinic Can Help

Although orthopaedic doctors and surgeons are making great progress if you have watched some of the hip replacement surgery videos on our website, the...

Although orthopaedic doctors and surgeons are making great progress if you have watched some of the hip replacement surgery videos on our website, there are nevertheless associated risks in all surgeries.

Going to any surgery is a very big decision to make and needs a lot of consideration involving the patient and the family members before finally deciding to do it.

If you have just been told that you need a surgery to fix any kind of medical problems like hip pains, or any other joint problems, you may want to see if there are other alternatives that you can turn to.

Here is a video posted by a San Jose clinic in which a 78 year old physician opted not to go for any kind of surgery for herself and has never looked back. In her testimony she shares in this video that she avoided surgery when her twice daily egoscue exercises helped completely cure her of all her medical problems – chronic back, knees and shoulder pains.

So if you have similar problems, or your doctor has ordered a total hip replacement surgery for you, this could be a good time to  consult your nearest egoscue clinic to see if their exercise programs can help you.You probably owe it to yourself and your loved ones to at least try this method out before you ever consider a surgery as serious as hip replacement surgery. Hope you like the hip replacement surgery video posted here.

hip replacement surgery video

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Disclaimer: "Medical advice: Nothing on this website should be considered Medical Advice. We are not doctors or orthopaedic surgeons. The intent and purpose of this site is to provide information to assist families who may be going for a hip replacement surgery or who are recovering from a hip replacement surgery - under the supervision of their doctors."

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  1. Rick Mathes says:

    Thanks for posting this video, we appreciate it!

    There are roughly 16 Egoscue clinics around the nation, and for those not within driving distance of one, we also do therapy via Skype. Now, when I work with a new client who has been told they have a degenerative hip and are a candidate for hip replacement, if they ask me if they can utilize Egoscue to avoid needing the joint replacement, my answer is a definitive “maybe”. There are a lot of variables that go into such an equation and I never want to lead anyone to think that Egoscue is a magic pill that will instantly make everything better. The client in that video worked diligently and followed the protocol and she reaped the benefits.

    What I do tell every joint replacement candidate is that Egoscue will absolutely help you do one of 3 things:

    1. Avoid the surgery altogether

    2. Be able to defer it, and have a much better quality of life in the interim

    3. If surgery is simply a necessity, this will help optimally position the joint so that the surgical outcome is as favorable as possible, the rehab experience is as quick and positive as possible and the client has as much function and as little pain as possible.

    We have clients who fall into each of those 3 categories. What we routinely see with our clients who work with us prior to getting a joint replacement is that their surgical experience and outcome is FAR superior to the typical patient. My last 3 clients who had hip replacements, all 3 were supposed to go through a rigorous 6 week physical therapy protocol. All 3 were dismissed after 2-3 weeks, the therapist saying “you’re already doing at 2-3 weeks what we’d love to see at 2 months.”

    What is critically important for the joint replacement candidate to understand is that the surgery does not fix the problem, it fixes the RESULT of the problem. The core problem is that the joint is out of position, and in that compromised position it has experienced increased and abnormal friction over time that has caused the joint structures to deteriorate. If all you do is replace the worn joint without addressing the postural compromise, the body will still have problems. The new joint will still load abnormally, and then dysfunctional stress will continue to be presented to the surrounding joint structures. I’ve lost track of how many clients I’ve had who came to me and said they had a knee replacement and felt much better, then their hip started breaking down. They replaced that, and now they have bulging discs in their spine. The reason is they never addressed the core reason why the joint broke down in the first place.

    The analogy I use is this: if you’re driving your car and hit a pothole and knock the front end out of alignment, what happens to your tires? Yep, you grind them down. Depending on when you catch it, you may or may not need to buy new tires, but you had better fix the alignment asap. If all you do is buy new tires, have you fixed the problem? No, and you’ll soon be back in the shop.

    That’s what Egoscue does, we help people restore their body’s natural alignment without drugs, surgery or manipulation, using simple exercises done at home to restore normal position and function. If anyone has questions, I’d encourage you to go to http://www.egoscue.com and enter your zip to find your nearest Egoscue clinic. Then simply call them, tell them your situation and ask them what options you have for improving your situation. I promise you they’ll try to serve you and educate you, they WON’T try to sell you. And if you’d like to read up on your own, I’d strongly recommend you go to amazon and check out the book “Pain Free” by Pete Egoscue. Read the first 3 chapters, then read the chapter on hips, and you’ll come away with a much better understanding of why you hurt.

    If anyone would like to send any questions my way, regardless of where you live, I’d be happy to do my best to answer them. You can email us at Austin@egoscue.com. We know the prospects of a joint replacement surgery are unsettling, if not frightening, and we’ll do our best to help serve you.

    We wish all of your readers the very best.

  2. Olaf Spandau says:

    Interesting blogpost. For me as an medic from overseas: berlin, germany it is importend and interesting to watch out what´s going on in the states. best regards

  3. admin says:

    @Olaf Spandau: Thanks for your comment and yes it’s important to keep abreast of what’s happening to any parts of the world where medical breakthrough or new discovery of sorts are happening almost everyday.

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