Hip Replacement Exercises To Get You Back In The Saddle

There is a need to undergo hip replacement exercises of various kinds in order to bring the replaced hip joint to its maximum efficiency. These exerci...

There is a need to undergo hip replacement exercises of various kinds in order to bring the replaced hip joint to its maximum efficiency. These exercises can be categorized into two, such as, the post operative exercises and the long-term exercises. The early post operative exercises are designed to improve blood circulation, prevent blood clotting at the lower extremities of the body and reinforce the hip muscles. (see hip replacement surgery video here)

Many feel starting an exercise regime just after surgery a cumbersome issue, but the fact remains that they are vital for regaining the efficiency and initial shape of the body. Primary exercises like ankle pumps, ankle rotations, knee bends, buttock contraction etc are done in either sitting or lying down postures while standing posture exercises like standing hip extensions, knee raises, hip abduction etc are designed to be done after some days of surgical intervention.

Walking exercises and other heavier exercises are recommended as soon as the body adjusts with the initial exercises and the pain stops. Stair climbing, brisk walking, elastic tube exercises etc help the operated joint to set well and become more productive. It is essential that these all these exercises are done under the guidance of an expert so that no post-operative complications like hip dislocation arise during the exercise regime.

When it comes to regaining the lost vitality and strength of the lower extremities of the body, hip replacement exercises are inevitable. Since hip replacement is the method of replacing the natural hip joint with an artificial one, it would take time for the new device to reach its full potential. These exercises strive to make the body adapt with the new induction.

Even after total recovery, it is advisable to continue with a mild exercise regime so that the durability of the installed gadget can be ensured. Walking exercises for half an hour or so can be continued on a daily basis. But great caution should be applied while doing hip replacement exercises and the hip joints should never be put to extreme pressure. Minor alterations to the previous lifestyle need to be adapted, like foregoing heavy running, swimming for longer durations etc and strenuous physical activities are to be avoided to guarantee that the new hip does not develop snags before its expiry time.

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