Hip Replacement Surgery Video-All You Wanted To Know on Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Surgery-Learn The Facts This website is started to provide some information on hip replacement surgery including a good hip replaceme...


Hip Replacement Surgery-Learn The Facts

This website is started to provide some information on hip replacement surgery including a good hip replacement surgery video that helps you understand your problem better. While we have tried to do much research on the subject, it is by no means comprehensive and cannot answer all of your questions. However it is a good start to help you write a list of questions that you can take to your doctor for his medical opinion and obtain other education material.

Hip Replacement Surgery- The causes that require hip surgery

The main cause of your hips being damaged and failing is due to osteoarthritis, which is essentially a chronic disease that damages, degrades and degenerates the joints’ cartilage. This medical problem usually happens to older people.

When do you know you need a Hip Replacement

You would have to consult a doctor to confirm if you need Hip Replacement Surgery but most people who do usually found the early symptoms when simple walking becomes difficult or even other simple chores like dressing up becomes enormously painful. Doctors usually try not to suggest surgery or delay it for their patients unless it is absolutely necessary.

What is involved in Hip Replacement Surgery

During this hip surgery the damaged parts of the hip are replaced with a prosthesis commonly called artificial hip. This prosthesis is made of steel that comprises of a socket, ball and stem which can be plastic. However most patients who opted for hip replacement surgery found fast relief from pain and could recover and resume normal activities soon after.

Some Preparations before your Hip Surgery

Most doctors will ask their patients to undergo a physical examination to ensure that they are fit for surgery and to remove any possible complications which may be caused by other health ailments like high blood pressure or severe diabetes. If you are on the heavy side, you may be required to lose some weight before your surgery date.

Hip Replacement-Recuperation Time

This hip surgery usually lasts about 3 to 4 hours although it depends on the severity of the patient’s damaged hip condition. Following your surgery you will have to depend on walking aids like crutches, walkers or a cane to help you walk. You can expect a full recovery to take a few good months before you can resume your normal activities once again.

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Hip Replacement Surgery Video

The following hip replacement videos will help you understand the procedure as well as hear what other patients have to say about their surgery after going through a hip replacement surgery:

(1)Hip Replacement Patient Education:

(2)1 Day after Hip Surgery:

(3)Hip Replacement Exercise Program

hip replacement surgery video


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Understand Anterior Hip Replacement vs Posterior Approach


When surgeons perform hip replacement they actually are replacing both the ball and the socket. There are essentially 2 ways to perform such hip surgeries – via the anterior approach or the posterior approach. The most common way in the past has been the posterior approach (the back approach) as opposed to the anterior approach via the front. For the posterior approach the normal incision would be at the back directly over the hip joint. This is done by splitting the muscle then dislocate the hip joint and in the process replace the ball with a metal ball and a stem that goes inside the bone marrow. The stem is held together in one or two ways.It’s either cemented into the hip joint with a glue that acts as a bonding agent that holds the implant solidly in position. It’s also common during hip replacements that surgeons do not use any cement using a technique in which the bone from the body will grow in or around the stem. However for this to happen the patient does need to have good enough bone. There are some patients whose bones are not good enough especially patients who suffer from osteoporosis.

During a posterior hip surgery approach, surgeons put a stem inside the bone marrow (one of the two ways); on the socket side it is replaced with a metal shell or cup and there is a liner made up of plastic or polyethylene. So essentially that replaces the damaged ball and socket during a hip replacement surgery.

The anterior approach is the more recently developed type of hip replacement surgery.It is also called the direct anterior approach. In this approach instead of cutting the back muscle, surgeons cut the front muscles. This is a much better approach as it lessens the chance of possible hip joint dislocation or commonly known as popping out. The other benefit doctors prefer anterior hip surgery is that the rehabilitation period of patients is much faster. Patients who opt for anterior hip replacement leave the hospital usually after just two days as opposed to three of four days with posterior hip approach.


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Hip Replacement Recovery Problems


This article discusses on how to avoid hip replacement recovery problems after a hip surgery. Doctors have found that hip dislocations among their patients tend to occur during the first three months into their hip replacement surgery recovery process.

hip replacement surgery recovery process

Therapists will show their patients what are the body positions to be avoided for the rest of their lives. Some of these body positions to avoid for life are:

1. Avoid having your leg behind you and rotating it out. This can happen if you hyper extend your leg behind you and rotate your toes out to the side. An example of how this can happen is if you are standing somewhere in your kitchen and wanted to reach out for something from a shelf. The action tends to have you rotate leaving your leg behind. Another example of how this can happen is if you are sitting on a high stool or chair and you got down to step forward leaving your leg behind you.

2, One of your hip precautions for life is to avoid hip flexion and internal rotation. This can occur if you are sitting on a chair and you tried to reach out for something. Your hip rotates inwards while it is bent. Another example how this can happen is if you are in a sitting position and you wanted to pull your heel of your shoe on. Your body is bent and your knee is rotating at the same time.

The Proper Posture To Avoid Hip Replacement Surgery Complications

1. The proper posture to get up from a chair is to extend your surgical leg forward and slowly stand up. This way you are not bending your leg and hip for more than 90 degrees angle.

2. For patients who have had a posterior hip replacement surgery, they will require additional specific hip dislocation precautions for about 6 – 12 weeks after the hip surgery. They will maintain these precautions until they are cleared by their doctors and then they will do general lifetime precautions. The hip posterior precautions are:

(a) no crossing the leg
(b) avoid rotating your leg inward
(c) when in sitting position keep a 90 degree angle between your leg and hip

Post Operative Exercises After Hip Replacement

There are usually 2 commonly practiced sets of exercises your therapist will want you to perform from the day of hip replacement surgery on the patient’s bed. They should be continued after discharge from hospital:

1. Ankle Pumps/Circles

Ankle pumps are performed by moving your feet up and down towards your hip and away from it. Ankle pumps help to prevent blood clots and aid blood circulation in your legs. At the same time you can also perform ankle circles doing 2 legs at the same time or one at a time.

2. Quad Sets

Quad sets can be performed lying down in bed. This exercise can be performed by pushing the back of the knee down into the mattress flexing the quad set muscles in the front part of the thigh. Hold the flexing to a count of 5 and then relaxing the muscles. Do this exercise a few times a day.

While there are certain dangers of hip replacement problems and complications for patients, many of them can be prevented if patients follow what they are taught by their therapists about proper hip replacement surgery recovery.

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How to Avoid Hip Fracture Surgery By First Preventing Hip Fractures


For someone above 65 years of age wanting to avoid hip replacement surgery specifically hip fracture surgery this article provides good tips on how to prevent getting any hip fracture before surgery becomes necessary. More so if you suffer from osteoporosis, a medical condition of brittle bones which is a common occurrence among older folks due to the body hormone changes. It may also be caused by calcium deficiency.

Most people do not think twice about ever getting a hip fracture until the unfortunate ailment hits them. But why wait for this unfortunate condition to start if you know you can actually take steps now to prevent it. Yes be proactive today and take some simple steps to prevent hip fractures from ever happening to you.

Hip Fracture Surgery- Who Is At Risk?

Medical data from top hospitals in the United States tells us that on an average about 30 percent of people above 65 years of age end up dying within 12 months after suffering from a broken hip. This high mortality rate seems higher than people who did so from a stroke so hip fractures have now been taken more seriously than before. But why such a high mortality rate for people who broke their hips?

Let us take a quick comparison with someone breaking an arm against someone else breaking his hip or what is commonly known as a hip fracture. The person who breaks his or her arm can still function quite well , but the one who has a hip fracture is a lot different. His physical activities almost entirely stop and  if he does not consult doctors on the necessary treatment may see his health going downhill. For example lack of body movements usually brings a host of medical problems like poor blood circulation leading to blood clots. Unfortunately this can lead to bigger problems if left unchecked because the blood clot can move upwards to the lungs or heart through the blood stream.

It has to be noted that not all patients are good candidates for hip fracture surgery and doctors will then recommend traction instead for them. Traction can help to hold the hip together during the recovery process of a hip fracture. However it is not all bed of roses for people who chose to do the surgery as the recovery period is relatively long and slow. This means patients are not expected to resume a very normal lifestyle for some time after the recovery period.

hip fracture surgery

Here is what one should do to prevent a hip fracture from ever happening naturally. Having good nutrition and added calcium supplements and using medical aids can certainly help. The key prevention method s rely much on taking care of one’s body and this helps to prevent the likelihood of one getting a broken hip during old age. So being careful and taking steps in caring for your own health can really help to prevent getting a hip fracture and thus avoid a hip fracture surgery during the golden age above 65 years old. Yes say no to hip fracture surgery starting today.

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Hip Replacement Surgery Risks and Complications


Hip replacement Surgery by and large is a very safe procedure but just like any other medical procedures there are some known risks patients must be aware of.  In worst case scenarios some complications may arise during surgery or during the recovery process so it is good to find out just what they are.

Hip Replacement Surgery- Some Possible Complications

We did a quick research on some of these more common complications that might happen during or after a hip replacement surgery.

Blood Clotting

Obviously after surgery the patient needs some time to recover and doctors recommend lots of bed rest and no physical exercises for some time. Do not accept anyone’s challenge of walking on same day after hip replacement surgery. As a result of this non-activity of their legs some patients may develop blood clots in the legs’ veins. When and if this ever happens patients are advised to seek medical treatment immediately. We have read about some cases in which delay in treatment resulted in patients having blood clots dislodged and travelled to their lungs, which is a serious matter. To avoid the onset of blood clotting complications, many doctors prescribed blood thinning medications, wearing of elastic stockings and some specific exercises.

Infection Risk

Probably the most common and most feared complication after a hip replacement surgery is that of the onset of an infection. Such an infection usually takes place at the external area where incision was made or the internal tissue area around the hip joint. Some infections are not serious but others can be life-threatening and patients must consult their doctors for immediate assessment and treatment.  To preempt the risk of infection ever occurring doctors today advised patients to take some precautions to lower these risks. They usually order antibiotics for their patients during as well as before and after the hip replacement surgery.

Blood Loss

Some bleeding is expected in a hip replacement procedure and some patients may develop a lower blood count due to this risk. These patients are usually asked to participate in an Autologuous Blood Donations program usually offered in most hospitals. This means the patient donates his own blood usually about two units of blood, to be used after the surgery. This is one of the safest ways for blood transfusion since it is free of any diseases and the body recognizes its own blood.

hip replacement surgery complications

Hip Dislocation

There is about five percent risk of patients who may get a hip dislocation during the recuperation months usually in the first two months after surgery.  This is the time when the ligaments, muscles and hip joint are in the healing process and certain positions may trigger the onset of hip dislocation. To minimize such occurrences in post hip replacement, doctors advise patients to avoid leg crossing, sitting on soft sofas or bending their hip a full 90 degrees angle.

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Is Hip Resurfacing The Best Alternative to Total Hip Replacement


It is widely known that total hip replacement is considered to be a good solution for hip arthritis. The primary objective of this surgery is to remove the two damaged components of the patient’s hip joint usually known in the medical lingo as the ‘ball and socket’. During surgery doctors will have to replace these parts with artificial implants.

Generally hip replacement is good but for the younger patients the main disadvantage seems to be that this replacement does not last a lifetime. Further hip replacements are necessary but how often this is required depends on many factors. It is this reason that doctors usually try to advise patients who have had total hip replacement to refrain from vigorous physical activities.

Hip resurfacing on the other hand is a medical procedure that aims to replace the hip joint’s two surfaces. What it tries to achieve is to conserve bone since the femoral head is never removed but reconstructed to be able to accept a metal sphere. When choosing this type of surgery, patients go through a lower risk of any dislocation when compared to the conventional total hip replacement surgery.

Are You Suitable For Hip Resurfacing?

The best candidates for hip resurfacing procedure are those who are good candidates for hip replacements as well and who are in the age category of between 55 – 65 years of age. Medical data has shown that these are the people very suitable for this surgery provided they do not have some types of arthritis that already caused deformity to the femoral head.

Hip Resurfacing Results Better Than Total Hip Replacement

Hip resurfacing procedure has only been in existence for just over ten years but so far the results in terms of patient success rates have shown to be much better than total hip replacement.

When Do Doctors Recommend Hip Resurfacing?

There are four main medical conditions that doctors will consider recommending hip resurfacing to their patients. They are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Developmental Dysplasia and Avascular necrosis.

Recovery after Hip Resurfacing

The best part about this surgery is that patients can walk on the same day after surgery using medical walking aids like walking canes or crutches, whichever suit them better. This means they can almost immediately begin physiotherapy that their doctors order to get them fast on the road to a full recovery. Such exercise programs are very important since they help their hip muscle strengthening which does a great job in protecting their new hip and hopefully helping it last a lifetime.

total hip replacement

So people who are considering total hip replacement now have a good alternative to consider in Hip Resurfacing and they should discuss with their doctors if they are suitable for this procedure.


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Ridgefield Chiropractor Provides Specialized Plans For Patients


There are many conditions and types of injuries that can result in people suffering with chronic pain. Some of these include car accidents, arthritis, or a slipped disc. Most people do not have to rely on painkillers to keep their discomfort in check. That is why going to see a skilled chiropractor Ridgefield CT residents can trust is the best solution, as they offer a drug-free approach to healing.

Chiropractic medicine is a holistic form of healing which typically employs several therapy techniques appropriate to the condition of the patient. The core belief of this type of medicine is that the body possesses the ability to heal itself with the right stimulation. It also believes in finding and eliminating the cause of a condition rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

The first objective of the chiropractor is to determine exactly what condition the patient is afflicted with. This can be assessed by taking a medical history, asking questions, and physically examining the affected part of the body. In some instances the practitioner may request additional tests to obtain more precise information.

Once the chiropractor knows what the problem is, they can decide on the best course of therapy for that patient. This includes the techniques used, frequency of sessions, and actions the patient must carry out at home. At first the patient will probably attend more sessions and for longer periods of time, gradually this may be reduced as their condition improves.

Chiropractic therapy consists of several different techniques that work together to relieve pain and promote healing. The spinal adjustment is the most commonly used method, which involves an abrupt manual thrust to realign misplaced vertebra. Other techniques which may be used in conjunction with it include stretching exercises, TENS therapy, massage, ultrasound, traction, and cold laser. Methods used depend on the particular condition of the patient.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain conditions experience noticeable improvement by undergoing chiropractic care. By starting sessions with a chiropractor Ridgefield CT patients are taking an important step towards wellness. This method is very safe and does not have harmful side effects.

Chiropractic care helps relieve neck, shoulder and back pain naturally. You will find more information about the best chiropractor Ridgefield CT at http://www.GeorgetownCTChiro.com now.

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Tallahassee Chiropractor Alleviates Pain From Spinal Disc Bulges Without Surgery Today


Each year people suffer with spinal disc bulges that cause them a considerable amount of pain. A Tallahassee chiropractor helps individuals who are suffering with pain by using gentle manipulation of the spine. When someone is suffering from a bulging disc there are many kinds of therapeutic approach to care.

Chiropractic therapists do not use conventional medications, but may take x-rays to determine the problem. Chiropractors use a holistic approach to care that gets to the root cause of the problem. Chiropractic massage is gentle and not harsh. Most people find that chiropractic massage is relaxing and therapeutic. After just a few sessions with a chiropractic therapist, an individual can notice a significant difference.

When a disc protrudes it can cause many problems for the individual. Some people may have a protruding disc without even realizing it. Therefore, bulging discs are not always a significant problem.

When there is nerve pain, it can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable. The pain can spread down the back, legs, and feet making someone unable to walk properly. The pain can be very disabling and interfere with every part of a person’s life. Chiropractors address the person holistically helping them deal with many aspects of their life.

When a client is suffering from a herniated disc, the disc herniation is pinching the spine. Therefore, it is not the disc space causing the pain, but the fact that the herniation is pinching a nerve in the spine. By careful massage a therapist can help spinal readjustment, easing pain.

There are a variety of reasons why bulging disc problems occur. When someone gets older, their discs become less flexible and are more susceptible to problems with their back. Injuries can also cause discs to protrude. Sometimes people are involved in a car accident which causes their discs to bulge. A Tallahassee chiropractor can ease pain and discomfort in the spine.

Chiropractic care alleviates pain from spinal disc bulges naturally. You will find information about the best Tallahassee chiropractor at http://www.fiorinichiropractic.com right now.

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Chiropractic Helps Relieve Pinched Nerves In Lindenhurst, NY


For almost all cases attended to by a Lindenhurst chiropractor, pinched nerves are identified as a common problem. It causes patients to feel discomforting pains in affected body parts. Whatever the situation that led to the condition of the patients, nerves will surely be affected and will most times get pinched.

Tensed nerves have tension locked up in them. They are strained or stressed nerves that have become agitated. They usually are present in body areas that have suffered one form of injury or the other. They cause a lot of pain which could prevent the sufferer from living a healthy and happy life.

When accidents occur, bones, muscles, and joints are hit with very serious force that causes nerve irritations. The occurrence of inflammations also causes nerves to be pinched. All these result to unbearable aches and pains.

Common factors that cause strained nerves to develop are domestic and industrial accidents, auto crashes, and built up stress. They could also be an offshoot of certain illnesses like cubital tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatism and arthritis. Pregnant women also develop stressed nerves as a result of hormonal changes.

Common symptoms of strained nerves are joint inflammations and tingling sensations. Others are excruciating aches and pains as well as numbness. Weakness may also be experienced by some persons.

It is advisable to seek medical attentions once trouble is sensed with nerves. Some persons like to take painkillers hoping to get relief from the painful condition. However, long lasting relief cannot be gotten this way because such drugs will not take care of the problem from its main source but rather will fight outward symptoms only.

The best way to take care of such situations is to visit a Lindenhurst chiropractor and have him care for the patient using chiropractic means. There are various therapies he could make use of to put right all affected nerves. Total and long lasting relief is sure with chiropractic.

Chiropractic care alleviates pinched nerve pain quickly and naturally. You will find information about a reliable Lindenhurst chiropractor at http://www.practicewellbeing.com today.

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What is Spinal Bifida – Robert Jacobs MD


A specific birth defect has been causing a lot of stir within the medical community for a while. It is a defect that affects our spinal cord, which very simply lets us stand straight on the ground and holds our whole lower back with the physique. This defect is known as Spinal Bifida. It has been affecting lots and plenty of young children all around the United States. It’s regarded as probably the most typical disabling birth defect. It’s a type of neural tube defect, which is an issue with the spinal cord or its coverings.

It happens if the fetal spinal column does not close totally in the course of the very first month of pregnancy. There’s usually tremendous nerve harm that causes at least some paralysis of the legs. Numerous individuals with spina bifida will need assisting handy devices such as: crutches or wheelchairs. They may have learning difficulties exactly where they are not in a position to speak or understand language.

Another problem that occurs to children with spina bifida is some thing called hydrocephalus. This term may appear lengthy and difficult but it indicates the buildup of too much spinal fluid inside the brain. Now usually, this fluid cushions and protects your brain from rough impact but when you have too much of it although, it creates some severe pressure inside the skull causing the brain to be under plenty of pressure. This pressure creates plenty of discomfort and suffering to the people.

Now you will find two sorts of hydrocephalus. The first one is congenital hydrocephalus which happens during birth. It causes genetic issues and problems with how the fetus develops. An unusually large head is the primary sign of congenital hydrocephalus.

The second type of hydrocephalus is known as Acquired hydrocephalus which can happen at any age. It causes head injuries, strokes, infections, tumors and bleeding in the brain. Hydrocephalus can permanently harm the brain, causing problems with physical and mental development. If untreated, it’s generally fatal. With therapy, many people lead regular lives with few limitations.

Treatment usually involves surgery to insert a shunt or perhaps a tube inside the skull to drain out fluid. Also there are medicines and rehabilitation therapy which are accessible for patients. If self confidence can be brought to those with spina bifida and hydrocephalus then the life expectancy of patients will increase significantly.

To read more about spina bifida please go to spina bifida

Matthew Glaser has 20 years experience in spina bifida research. Read more about spina bifida at What is Spina Bifida

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Identify Which Type of Arthritis You Actually Have


What Type of Arthritis Are you experiencing?

Arthritis dates back to the prehistoric era as well as is seen throughout the ages in the joints of the skeleton remains.

Most of you’ll possess difficulties with your joints also it might be arthritis. Arthritis is definitely connected with aging nevertheless it is not triggered because you’re aging. Arthritis is definitely caused by the body not been fed the appropriate nutrition that keep your joints health as well as free of wear and tear.

Arthritis usually means swelling of the joint. When your joints have bone-to-bone contact as well as smash against one another that region gets swollen along with inflamed.

There are two main type of arthritis – osteoarthritis and also rheumatoid – and others that happen to be less known.


Osteoarthritis means inflammation from the bony section of your own joint. As your joints move against one another, the protective coating and also surrounding material – membranes, oil sacs, cartilage – wear out. This particular wear out occurs when the joints see excess activity.

Normally you would not anticipate seeing this particular degrade situation as there are several joints in which see unwanted action and don’t develop into swollen or even arthritic.

Therefore the real cause of arthritis is more than excess activity.

The reason for arthritis has come right down to a single or perhaps combination of nutritional deficiencies, excessive joint activity, as well as emotional issues.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid means “similar to flowing pain.” It is an autoimmune illness where very good cell as well as tissue are usually strike by way of the immune system. Rheumatoid initially has an effect on the actual joint membranes and later the actual bone structure at the joint. Rheumatoid arthritis occur in individuals of all ages. As this kind of arthritis advances it could becomes devastating.

Gouty Arthritis

Gout is really a ailment in which uric acid deposits within the joints of feet and legs. When the body has an overabundance of uric acid, which it can’t get rid of through typical channels of elimination- the kidney – the particular uric acid settles within the joints and soft tissue causing pain.

There is a few proof that gout relates to the volume of wine that’s drunk with the food. This place an extra strain on the actual liver that attempts to detoxify the wine as well as the food concurrently. Result is the actual liver is unable to detoxify the entire food.

Other Types of Arthritis

There are other types of arthritis. These account for a small amount of the kinds of arthritis that many people have. Here is the list:

Bursitis – swelling of the shoulder joints and also muscles.

Neuritis – is definitely termed as rheumatism of one’s nerves. Once the sheaths of your nerves dry out you’ve neuritis

Myositis – discomfort that comes from working hard as well as muscles have friction between them.

Fibrositis – is when your connective tissue develop into swollen Lumbago – happens before getting arthritis of the spine.

Which arthritis doe you’ve? In other content articles, I’ll inform you what you may do to prevent or eliminate arthritis of any type.

If you are inquisitive to research more about best vitamins for women health, you can start here – http://www.saccharomycesboulardiihq.com.

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